The surgeons at Podiatry Associates have the most experience with ankle implants throughout central Indiana.


The StarTM Ankle is the only FDA-approved non-constrained, three-piece, mobile-bearing total ankle replacement indicated for use without cement, which allows for better bone in-growth, stabilization and bone preservation.

ankle replacementThe three piece system is designed to restore anatomic movement and realize near full-range motion.

The STARTM Ankle has more than 30 years of development history and more than 19 years of clinical experience with over 17,000 devices implanted in patients worldwide.

There have been 35 peer-reviewed clinical outcomes papers published worldwide on the STARTM Ankle.

To compare the safety and efficacy of the STARTM Ankle versus ankle fusion (the current standard of care), a U.S. Investigational Device Exemption (IDE) Clinical Trial of the STARTM Ankle was completed as a prospective, multi-center controlled pivotal study. This is the only U.S. IDE Clinical Trial to have been completed involving a three-piece, mobile-bearing, non-constrained, uncemented total ankle replacement system.

The U.S. IDE Clinical Trial concluded that the STARTM Ankle is superior in efficacy and comparable in safety to ankle fusion. No other ankle replacement system can make this claim.

In the U.S., other than the STARTM Ankle, only two-piece ankle replacement devices requiring the use of bone cement are available as alternatives to fusion.

The Salto Talaris Anatomic Ankle
The Salto Talaris Anatomic Ankle is a new generation ankle replacement that mimics the anatomy and flexion/extension movement of the natural ankle joint, and is an alternative to traditional ankle fusion.1

ankle replacementAdvancements in orthopedic technology continue to revolutionize surgical options. Today's surgical instruments and implants make orthopedic surgery more precise and more effective than ever before. One such advancement can now be seen in the Salto TalarisTM, which has been modeled after the human anatomy and is positioned to redefine the classic approach to ankle arthroplasty.

The innovative Salto Talaris now provides surgeons with the ability to reproduce the natural flexion/extension axis of the ankle with an anatomic design. The Salto Talaris implant design and instrumentation is founded on the Salto mobile-bearing ankle prosthesis, which has been in clinical use since 1997 with a 93% survivorship at 6.4 year mean follow-up 2, 3 and an 85% survivorship at 8.9 year mean follow-up 4. The Salto Talaris provides accuracy and reproducibility with the Precision Instrumentation that has evolved to allow a fixed-bearing implant design and represents the philosophy "Less is Sometimes More".

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