My Heel Pain Will Not Go Away! Now What?

My heel pain will not go away and I have tried it all …Now What?

Generally speaking there needs to be 6 months of non-operative measures that have failed before surgery is suggested. There are multiple surgical procedures to combat heel pain. There is open release of the plantar fascia that one will look for nerve entrapment. There are also minimally invasive procedures that try to stimulate healing. Our physicians perform a range of these procedures, including but not limited to use of TOPAZ which is radiocoblation therapy. There is also a newer procedure that will help regain your active lifestyle via the FAST technique.

What is the FAST Technique and Is It Right For Me?

The FAST technique is a fasciotomy and surgical tenotomy that can address your foot and ankle pain in an innovative and minimally invasive way. Eventually scar tissue in the tendon or fascia will limit your ability to move and perform the activities you may like or need to do. The damage may be due to trauma or repetitive motion- damage to the tendon from overuse in work, exercise or activity. It can cause the tendon tissue to break down and form scarring and pain. The FAST technique is advanced technology that was developed in collaboration with the Mayo Clinic. FAST is a minimal invasive treatment designed to remove tendon scar tissue, allowing you to return to your active lifestyle. It is performed with the guidance of ultrasound to identify the scar tissue and with the aid of a small instrument that delivers ultrasonic energy specifically designed to break up and remove damaged tissue safely and quickly, without disturbing the surrounding health tendon tissue. With such a wide array of options in techniques, it is best to schedule a consultation with one of our physicians and discuss the best option for you.


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