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  • Achilles Tendonitis
    What is it? The Achilles tendon is the largest and strongest tendon in the body. It can support up to 12x your body weight! It is made up of two muscles: Read more
  • What Does Smoking have to do with My Foot Surgery?
    I certainly believe, if you are able to read this blog, you likely can espouse numerous detrimental effects smoking can have on your overall health. After all, in 1997, the Read more
  • Selecting Running Shoes
    Finding the perfect running shoe can be a difficult task.  A good running shoe can maximize your performance but a bad one could plague you with injuries.  There are many Read more
  • My Heel Hurts
    MY HEEL HURTS By now you have probably already diagnosed yourself with Plantar fasciitis as you have goggled heel pain. Like many people that come into the office, they will tell Read more
  • My Toe Hurts!
    Although there are numerous reasons for toe pain, one of the most common conditions seen in a Podiatrist’s office is an ingrown toenail.   What causes an ingrown toenail?   Causes for ingrown toenails Read more
  • Shin Splints
    As school slowly approaches, fall sports have started their early season practices. Specifically, cross country, tennis, and football season will be upon us shortly. Unfortunately one of the most common Read more
  • Are Flip Flops Bad For Your Feet?
    Along with the warm weather comes an increase in various foot conditions and flip-flop related injuries.  Although flip-flops may make your feet feel cool, they are not a good choice Read more
  • Morton's Neuroma
    Morton’s Neuroma    The following are some of the ways my patients have described the pain from a neuroma: “It feels like I’m stepping on a pebble,” “I feel like my sock Read more
  • What Every Diabetic Patient Should Know
    Diabetes is one of the most common metabolic diseases affecting Americans. The American Diabetes Association reports 23.6 million people in the US have Diabetes Mellitus which is 7.8% of the population. Common Read more

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